Monday, 15 July 2013

Thrombosis Changes Lives...........

Its been a while since I have posted and today after my morning gym routine I notice an update on the Lifeblood: The Thrombosis Charity facebook group that made me stop and think.......

...... the first line said, "Well I get my scan on Wednesday, to see if my leg can be saved......" Wow- it really hit me, this person could lose their leg, a simple sports injury and months later they could lose their leg.

There was something about it happening to someone else that made it more real for me. After a DVT and PE's I now suffer from PTS and have a pretty damning report from a top vascular consultant about all the conditions I am very likely to get due to the severity of my PTS and how limb amputation is something too that could happen to me should my veins get so bad and as a result of the leg ulceration I may get. But it all feels like a narrative, a non reality, but today reading this post from someone I feel like I know through the Lifeblood facebook group, the reality of how much Thrombosis can change your life, and does change lives really hit me. All this could have been prevented, I know it is only a could and not a definite but surely it is worth while fighting for something that may be able to change lives, save lives and prevent complications like this happening. Lifeblood work tirelessly to promote thrombosis awareness in and out of the NHS, and to ensure better preventative practices are in place. My just giving page is still open and if you feel able to please donate, 

One day the post I read today could be me, that IS my reality. PTS is a permanent condition, a complication of DVT's and PE's. It affects me everyday. I am trying my hardest to be fitter and in better health and self manage my condition, but what if I can't, and I do find myself in a similar situation to that of my facebook friend. I have already had to totally change my lifestyle, re-train for a new job, imagine just how that would be, and how all the other people affected by thrombosis what they go through, imagine what that sudden change feels likes.

You have a routine operation, you go on a plane, you work in a job where you sit alot, you injury yourself doing sport, you take the contraceptive pill, you fall pregnant, you just go about living your life and then one day everything changes. A blood clot, it prevents the flow of blood around your body, you're in pain, crazy amounts of pain that feels like it came from nowhere, or maybe you feel nothing, no pain at all, then you can't breathe, you feel old before your time, then everything changes- maybe it wasn't found soon enough and your family have to grieve the sudden loss of a loved one, or maybe it was and you are one of the lucky ones but life will never be the same for you again. Hospital appointments, blood thinning medication, compressions stockings, perhaps thats it- the clot has gone and while the situation was scary you can carry on with your life, grateful for the knowledge you now have of what that mysterious pain could be, or maybe this isn't it but the start of a totally different you, a you that has to learn to know their limits, change their lifestyle, think about a new career, adapt their home, lean on others, lose their independence, lose their leg. Now like this facebook friend, it doesn't have to be doom and gloom and I am so humbled by their positivity and bravery, but that requires support, and not everyone is able to deal with what life throws at them. I wasn't offered any support from my hospital & I am forever grateful for the support I have from loved ones around me, but I got nothing from the consultant or vascular team. 'Your life has totally changed and will continue to do so, the end.' I am not blaming them, there is no support available, but there should be, there has to be and if I have anything to do with it there will be. It's not easy asking for help, but that is what I am doing. Please help me get to my target- or even smash it and think of any other ways I can continue to raise money for Lifeblood The Thrombosis Charity- with me they will implement support for those affected by thrombosis, and though prevention is key, if you are faced with new challenges due to Thrombosis, you won't do it alone and support will be available.

Help me, help you, help others, help themselves