Monday, 13 January 2014

Lifeblood Buddies Launched!

Its been a long while since I have posted anything, and this is for a combination of reasons, life has a way of running away with you sometimes.

As many of you know who follow my blog or know me, I am passionate about creating more support for those who have been affected by thrombosis and have been working with Lifeblood for the last 6 months or so on this.

I am very excited to announce that the first initiative has been launched today!!

The Lifeblood Buddy System is a mutual support system aimed to help match those affected by thrombosis in order to be able to offer each other support and advice. Giving people the opportunity to have someone at the end of the phone, the email or to meet up with who can really understand what they are going through. We are also going to have the first ever Patient Day in National Thrombosis Week- so lots of exciting things happening in 2014.

I really hope this is just the beginning of bigger things on the patient support side. Unfortunately thrombosis does continue to affect people and take lives and together we can get through that and cope with day to day life.

For more information go to and to take part in the buddy system click here

Help me, help you, help others, help themselves