Monday, 24 February 2014

Lifeblood Buddies!!!

So we had a few teething problems but Lifeblood Buddies is now hopefully all tweaked and ready to go!

Lifeblood buddies is there for anyone who has been affected by a thrombosis- anytime in their life.

Maybe you had a DVT, PE or any other VTE episode, maybe this has totally changed your life. Maybe you have come back to full health after an episode, perhaps you lost a loved one due to the condition, or know of someone affected by it. Whether you have just been affected or this has been part of you life for a number of years Lifeblood Buddies would love you to join.

However thrombosis has affected you, your experience can be highly beneficial to someone else, and likewise theirs to you- to be able to have 1-1 contact with someone who just gets it, who can empathise rather than sympathise- who can be with you through the feelings, help you out with practical tasks, have a glass or two of wine, gin, tea or whatever! and talk it out- that's what Lifeblood Buddies is about.

Sometime life throws you stuff- Lifeblood Buddies shows you you are not alone and helps you to keep going, take a break, let off some steam or whatever it is you need.

Sign up to Lifeblood Buddies today!

Help me, help you, help others, help themselves!