Monday, 23 June 2014

Officially working for Lifeblood....... and getting married this year!

So it has been a super busy few months, with some incredibly exciting things happening.

After a year of talking at them, sending lots of idea emails and being a trustee for a short space of time, I have now secured a job with the ever growing Lifeblood:The Thrombosis Charity. I am thrilled to be working for a charity that is passionate about raising awareness and offer support to those affected by thrombosis. I really hope that I am able to assist them to continue with their fabulous work.

Lifeblood Buddies is going from strength to strength and I am always looking for more buddies and ideas of how to make it better. I am also hoping to soon set up a local support group which can act as a pro forma for support groups nationally.

Lifeblood Buddies is looking for more Buddies! Have you been affected by thrombosis? Maybe you lost a loved one to thrombosis, saw the effects in your loved one, or have had a thrombosis yourself. Thrombosis has a huge impact on our lives and Lifeblood Buddies is here to pair up people who have been affected by thrombosis to offer mutual support and friendship- someone who can understand where you are coming from and maybe offer some advice, share stories which each other, laugh, cry, moan, plan a fundraiser, the list goes on! By coming together we can share our experiences, spread awareness, offer each other support and not go it alone. For more information email or got to out Lifeblood Buddies page on our website

I also have some very exciting personal news- I am getting married this year!!

After everything with the blood clots, having to leave my previous job, being in and out of hospital, feeling incredibly broke; a wedding seemed to never be something James and I could afford- however with very generous parents, a clearer perspective on what is about, being married to James and not a huge wedding day I am happy to say we are going for it. If I have learnt anything through all that has happened, it is that if you are lucky enough to have your life, you can not put it on hold- all the things I want can happen, we just may need to purchase a number of footstools to scatter around the venue should I need to rest my leg!

So that is it in a nutshell- I will be sure to update you all soon with the developments of my role with Lifeblood.

For anything thrombosis support related you can contact me at

Help me, help you, help others, help themselves!