Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Meetings and bank accounts & charity gigs!

So I have been busy meeting with people and putting the wheels in motion for Thrombosis Support.

I am very excited to announce that the Thrombosis Support Bank Account is nearly up and running, just need the ID of the signatory's approved and then we are good to go- I have already raised nearly £200 for Thrombosis Support which is amazing and soon once we are all registered with HMRC I will have our Just Giving page up and running and then anyone can fundraise!

The £200 already raised is going to go towards setting up the website, the forum and the start of the support groups.

Thrombosis Support is here to support and help those affected by Thrombosis be it themselves or a loved one so I am very keen to get input from you about what you want Thrombosis Support to be.

I will be looking for people to be trustees and to be involved in Thrombosis Support so please contact me via our facebook group or leave a comment on the blog if you want to be involved.

I had a very useful meeting with Allan Pimentel a Psychotherapist and Deputy Director at CCPE about setting up Support Groups, he gave me lots of information about the effectiveness of support groups and how to format them etc. Next stop is meeting with the local hospitals and I am in the process of creating a questionnaire that I want to be readily available for patients at their anti-coag clinic regarding after care and again trying to find out what those affected by thrombosis need and want in the way of support.  I know I felt very alienated when I first was diagnosed and needed support and guidance.

Next on the agenda is a Charity Gig, performing is my first love and I am blessed to know some very talented people, so watch this space for info regarding this.

Help me, help you, help others, help themselves