Monday, 30 April 2012

Lets get this started..........

So back in November 2010, I went in for pretty full on, but seemingly standard knee surgery, fast forward a year and a half and, well lets not sugar coat it, I've been through it. I was diagnosed with a right leg DVT in February 2011 and within two days I couldn't walk, couldn't breathe and had 3 PE's (pulmonary embolisms (clots on my lung)). A hospital stay and regular visits to the anticoagulation clinic and here I am, fought off the DVT and PE's and now live with PTS- Post Thrombotic Syndrome. 

The last year and a half have been a roller coaster of emotions, and I have felt like there needs to be support. Support for those with thrombosis, support for those who have had it, support for those friends and family members affected by it, SUPPORT! Am I making myself clear???

I stumbled across Lifeblood the Thrombosis Charity and was able to get a lot of information from them. The work they do is amazing and so needed, striving to raise awareness to the public and health professionals, however it really annoyed me that I had to search the internet to get to them myself, why were the hospital haematology departments not working together with lifeblood? What would you do if you didn't tirelessly search the internet? Suffer in silence? Unfortunately I think so many people do. And so the idea for THROMBOSIS SUPPORT was firmly planted in my head, a blog, a forum, a full on charity, who knows? The journey is just beginning, but what I aim to do with this blog, is tell it how it is, how I am experiencing it and hopefully with that give some help & support, gain some help & support and maybe just maybe make a difference.

Thrombosis Kills

There I've said it, however people do survive I'm living proof, and together we can promote awareness, support each other and make living with this condition that little bit easier.