Tuesday, 7 May 2013


So I have just got back from the pool after completing another 100 lengths!!! I have now done 200 lengths (4km) and am half way to hitting my 8km target. In a mo I am heading to the kitchen to start baking some more cakes for the bakeoff part of my fundraising and am really hoping that with your help I will be able to hit target and raise £1250 for Lifeblood:The Thrombosis Charity.

While I was swimming my last 20 or so lengths I started to think about how far I have come over the last two years. Today is the Wedding Anniversary of the lovely Bill & Emma Pragnell and I remember being at their Wedding in my wheelchair, a lot heavy than I am today and still finding it hard to breathe. I look at the picture below and I can't even really acknowledge that it is me.

My journey over the last two years has been pretty up and down- first the reality of having a DVT and multiple PE's, not being able to breathe, still trying to recover from knee surgery, not being able to dress myself, have a shower, make myself a drink/food or really do anything without feeling like I'm going to pass out. The reality of all that and how it impacts your independence, not being able to work, having to move in with my partner came with its positive and negative qualities. Then beginning to understand my limitations, going back to work a bit, then a bit more, feeling more positive about it all then being hit by the news I have Post Thrombotic Syndrome and that this will never go away. Of course there are good days and bad days but suddenly the realisation that this is a permanent condition. Surgical stockings will always have to be worn, blood thinning injections taken when flying and really trying to to tune in and listen to what my body is saying on a daily basis.

It is been an emotional journey too, fear, anxiety, anger, childish 'its not fair' moments. After getting myself as 'better' as I could I have really been focussing on the support and well lack of support to those affected by thrombosis, hence the blog Thrombosis Support. This month marked a turning point for that quest and journey as I had previously felt so alone and unable to do anything. A great meeting with the Lifeblood trustees enlightened me to the red tape surrounding anything like this, that I had already begun to discover, but also I saw a group of people who were behind me, and could give me the platform and support needed to make something happen. I am more determine than ever now to raise money for Lifeblood, to give my time and ideas and use my training in psychotherapy and the colleagues I am meeting to really give something back and let people know they are not alone.

This is me today;
a little tired maybe, but happy and hopeful that things can and will get better, and that sometimes it is time to stop blaming & moaning and start making things happen. Please if this touches you in anyway and you feel you may be able to help go to my page www.justgiving.com/katherineelizabeth

You can check out my video diaries here:

Have a fabulous day and thanks for reading!

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