Friday, 10 May 2013

National Thrombosis Week Day 5- 8km Done!

Just got back from nannying and am feeling utterly exhausted- Day 5 done!

Its been a busy week of nannying, teaching, placement meetings, college and of course raising money for Lifeblood

I decided to challenge myself to swim 8km thats 400 lengths and bake cakes and delivery them to lovely donators.

Well I have done it! I have a couple more orders for cakes and can take a few more so if you want some cakes download an order form from my justgiving page- I will also be announcing the winning of the raffle to win a 13" uber cake tomorrow exciting stuff!

I can't believe that two years ago I was in a wheelchair and now I've just swam 400 lengths! I still remember first starting hydrotherapy and my exercises in the pool with James, then working my way up to 1 length then 5, then 12, then watching videojug swimming tutorials to learn to swim properly and now well- I can't even believe that was me!

Now it is time to rest, relax and hopefully reach my target of £1250.

If you can help in anyway I and Lifeblood would be so grateful.