Monday, 7 May 2012

National Thrombosis Week- Fundraising Day 1- done!

So I have done it, I have completed day one of my fundraising for Lifeblood, I covered 8km today so am just over 25% of the way there to my goal of 31km in 5 days. It is safe to say I am pretty knackered, however on a positive note my leg is feeling pretty good. This morning the PTS was really bad and my leg had swollen up by the time I got out of bed went to the toilet and went to the kitchen, however it is now feeling much better after a day with quite a lot of exercising, so thats good.

I feel really positive that I am starting my fundraising for Lifeblood, and even though I ultimately want to start my own charity, I am so grateful for everything Lifeblood does and it feels good to be able to give back.  I only hope that in 10 years time when the Thrombosis Support Charity is working to support those affected by Thrombosis, I am able to thank people for fundraising for me, and that the charity is able to help those in need. 

Thankyou again for reading my blog, please pass it on, go to and give whatever you can.

Have a fab evening