Tuesday, 8 May 2012

NTW- Day Two Fundraising

So it is 22:40 I have recently got in from teaching and it is safe to say I am knackered! I started off my day in the gym and did 5km cycling & 1km running, so I have done my goal of 6km today horray!! In total I have done 14km of my 31km target, which isn't bad on only day two.  After my gym session I was in the office for a bit then headed home for some food, and leg rest before going to teaching. I was sat with my older class today and told them briefly about what I am doing and about what has happened to me in the last year and half, their faces really showed the enormity of it. These children are between 15 & 18, and I don't think any of them knew about thrombosis, what it was, how it can kill you and how quickly it can come on.  I wasn't trying to scare them, and I think they know that, it is just about awareness, we spoke about Lifeblood's latest campaign and it felt good that I was able to have a really honest conversation with these children and hopefully they will take that on and maybe tell others.  I personally think the next challenge is making young people more aware of thrombosis.  For so long it has been seen as something you get if your old and can't move, or if you go on planes alot. It isn't, anyone can get a bloodclot, healthy, active, young, old, anyone, and people need to be more aware of it, and to stop it, and if it happens, to treat it and keep going!

Please, please go to my page www.justgiving.com/johnsonkatherineelizabeth and give something, anything, whatever you can. 

Right tomorrow at least 6km!